Northern Arizona Railroad
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Below the picture, explore links to railroad companies, cities, towns and the people that made railroad history
in Northern Arizona from 1880 to the present.

Arizona Railroad Maps :   1900  1950
Train gifs by Dan's Depot

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27 July 1866 to 1876  Original Owner - John C. Fremont
Arizona lines built by joint venture (money) of the St. Louis & San Francisco Railway (The Frisco Line)

1876 - 1983 Owner - General Edward Francis Winslow
with engineering and building skills of the

Atcheson, Topeka & Santa Fe (HSFZ)

3 March 1863 - 1995  Original Owner - Cyrus K. Holiday
  Chief Engineer for Gallup to Needles - Lewis Kingman
A&P operations eventually taken over by A,T&SF

Also built what is now the Grand Canyon Railroad in 1901

 Merged with Burlington Northern to form the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) in 1995

Note:  Original town names in (   )     = More links for listed city or company
Gallup   Houck Chambers
Winslow       Canyon Diablo    Flagstaff      
Williams     Ash Fork
Seligman (Prescott Junction)      
Peach Springs     Antares
Needles   Walaha
Grand Canyon   

Prescott & Arizona Central Railroad

16 July 1855 - 1893???  Original Owner - Thomas S. Bullock
  Organized from merger of the Arizona Central Railroad with second Central Arizona Railroad
Built first line from Prescott to connect with A&P at Seligman in 1886 (no longer exists)

Built around the mountain from Drake to Clarkdale and up east side of mountain to Jerome in 1911
Now part of Verde Valley Railrod
Seligman (Prescott Junction)       Puiro (Jerome Junction)
Drake (Cedar Glade) Clarkdale         Jerome  

Central Arizona Railway

 1899 - ???  Owner - Major D.M. Riordan
Formerly Arizona Mineral Belt
  Bought at auction for $40,440 from Col. J.W. Eddy
Prospered at first with line south of Flagstaff
Failed attempt to build tunnel through Mogollon Rim to Payson was its demise (or was it???)

Flagstaff     Fulton

Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railroad

  27 May 1891 - ???  Owner - Frank M. Murphy
Second connection from Prescott to A&P via Ash Fork in 1893
Drove P&AC Prescott Junction line (plagued  by washouts and poor managment) off the map
Winner of the big battle for the north/south rail line connecting Phoenix thru Wickenburg in 1895
"Might have" built original rails up west slope to mining town of Jerome in 1894
Ash Fork Drake (Cedar Glade)
Puro (Jerome Junction)
Skull Valley
Hillside. Congress
Wickenburg (Matthie)

Prescott & Eastern Railroad

??? - ???  Owner - Another Frank M. Murphy venture
Start of a southern line to Phoenix.  Only made it half way.
Prescott   Mayer
Cleater (Turkey Creek)  Murphy's Impossible Railroad to Crown King

Arizona & California Railroad (ARZC)
1893 - Present

Third connection in Arizona to the Golden State in 1905
Wickenburg (Matthie) Aguila Vicksburg (Hope)

Apache Railway (APA)        

1917 - Present  Owner - Abitibi Consolidated
Rails south of Holbrook to McNary lumber mill
For a while, the Apache Scenic Railroad (died 1986)
Now only runs half way down to Snowflake (not in game) north of Taylor.
Holbrook        Taylor McNary


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